Nasopharynx and Pterygopalatine Fossa, Chapter 3, Selected from Skull Base Surgery: Strategies, Walter C. Jean

Skull Base Surgery: Strategies

Source: Jean W, ed. Skull Base Surgery: Strategies. 1st Edition. Thieme; 2019. doi:10.1055/b-006-164729

A 26-year-old man presented with a 1-month history of nasal obstruction and left-sided epistaxis. The patient had no prior history of nasal trauma or sinusitis. Nasal saline, steroid sprays, and oral antihistamines did not relieve his obstructive symptoms. On endoscopic examination, the patient was found to have a fibrous-appearing mass filling the left nasal vault.

Case: Closed Brachial Plexus Trauma

Case Presentation: A 22-year-old, right-handed man was riding a snow-mobile when he hit a jump off balance and landed on his right neck and shoulder.

General information|Blood component therapy|Extramedullary hematopoiesis


Hematology. In: Greenberg M, ed. Handbook of Neurosurgery. 8th Edition. Thieme; 2016.
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